You may call me Madame Margherite…

Madame Phoenix Back to Back

I am not a traditional Dominatrix, I am a Fetish Specialist & the Animal Play Monarch.

Please be advised that I am strictly the dominant presence in session, and although I do offer some Sensual Domination, I am not a Sadist. I do have options for people seeking an intense experiences or Attitude Adjustments and there is a wide variety of Fetishes I explore in Session- feel free to inquire about what interests you. My expertise however, is in Role Play. I’m able to craft and create fictional worlds, and set parameters based on your characteristics that make playing along feel comfortable and natural enough to eliminate awkwardness & anxiety.

I can conjure a huge range of scenarios, from modest to flamboyant, but my Monarchy is in Animal Play. Being my Pet means being revered over all my other Subs and Subjects. Pets receive my reward and affection simply through obedience and loyalty. Only the most Elite creatures are welcome in my Menagerie and so I nurture my Pets, I protect my Pets, and I command my Pets. I don’t like to punish my Pets, but when pushed to do so I make my punishments swift, and memorable to discourage outbursts or disobedience in the future.

16472964_10158133112080257_8856468797088277871_nSessions I host range between Conventional, Subtle or Complex. For Couples there’s the Lovers Elite Program as well as Swinger Sessions. I’m Polyamorous Friendly, Trans Friendly, and I welcome & invite Women, Men and all genders in between to come play out fantasies and scenarios with me.

Hosting at Sanctuary Studios LAX 

Some of the services I provide include…

Complex Role Play

Electro Play

Light Bondage & Restraint

Tickle Torture 

Wax Play

Light to Moderate CBT

Light to Moderate Flogging


Sensory Stimulation

More Cathartic Services I offer include…

Sensual Domination

Mental & Cognitive Challenges 

Association Training

Matriarchal Etiquette 

Attitude Adjustments


Guided Play 

Transition Assistance

Fetish Exploration

For Animal Players 

I have a collection of over 19 Elite human Pets. My beloved Pets serve me through performance, labor and my Champion Pets through battle. I train my Pets on a foundation of Loyalty and Obedience and the most Elite of my creatures earn my affection, respect, devotion and reward. I nurture my Pets, I protect my Pets, I command my Pets and when necessary I discipline my Pets.  

***Please note there are no actual animals ever involved; by Pets I mean humans dressed like animals***

Conventional Sessions: $200+ per hour                                                                                         For the more traditional Visitor in need of a good flogging or light fetish exploration.

Subtle Sessions:  $250+ per hour                                                                                                       For Visitors wishing to explore my imagination and play along with some games.

Complex Sessions  : $300+ per hour                                                                                                   For Visitors who can keep up with my Role Playing and for those wishing to be my Pet.

Attitude Adjustments: $300+ per hour                                                                                           If you’ve been a jerk and you wish to be a better person, I can help you regret your mistakes and think twice, perhaps even three times before doing something unkind of a similar nature in the future. My methods are, humbling, if you will. 

Lovers Elite:  $350+ per couple + $50 per additional partner                                                     For couples looking to bond and explore together; open to Homosexual Couples, Heterosexual Couples, and Polyamorous Couples but they are not highly recommended for Buddies or Relatives.

Swingers Sessions:  $400+ per hour                                                                                                 For Pairs of couples looking to swap and enjoy guided play.

See Sessions Tab for more detailed descriptions…

Other Fetishes that are sometimes incorporated or explored independently during Session include Sensual Domination- light to heavy spanking, flogging, caning, pinching, or hair pulling. Electro Eroticism and Tingly Sensation Play from Tickle Torture to Hot Wax. Watersports, any type of worship is always welcomed. Feel free to respectfully inquire about Fetishes that may not be listed. 

Respecting boundaries is paramount when visiting me. I do not, under any circumstances, participate in any variation of sex during Session, this includes pegging, penetration, oral, and anything ending in “job”.

I do not partake in, nor do I tolerate any illegal activity during Session. Familiarizing yourself with the local laws would ensure you the ability to act in good conduct when contacting or visiting me. Keep in mind you must be 18+ to visit me, and able to consent at the time of transaction. Remember, you cannot consent if your are intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics. Please do not make me turn you away.  

I expect you to be above all, courteous & respectful followed by obedient and loyal. I express a deep respect for my Pets, Subs & Visitors, I tolerate nothing less in return.

For appointments email or Call Jade at 818-853-5919  Hours are Sunday through Thursday 11am to 6pm by appointment only, Last Session must begin at 5pm and Sunday appointments are reserved for regulars.

Sessions are by appointment only and upon scheduling your appointment you will be required to pay a small non-refundable deposit. This deposit will either pay for your consultation at the time of your appointment or for your cancelation in the unlikely event you cancel or don’t show up for your appointment. Deposits are payable a number of ways including PayPal.

Proud Mistress of Ceremonies of DomCon NOLA 2017- and Co-Host for the Pet Awards with Mistress Ellen.