I want to thank everyone on my Fetish Elite Crew for helping me make our adventure at DomCon LA 2017 happen. I am so very proud of my  Loyal, Elite Pets as well as my amazing Prosthetics & Special Effects Artist, Ana Miro. But most of all My Partner, Your hard work, dedication, and commitment to strengthening our community is so very appreciated. We Are Elite.

My Elite Kingdom currently consists of

Dog ♥ Monkey ♥ Hyena ♥ Unicorn ♥ Griffin ♥ Cheetah ♥ Elephant ♥ Lion ♥ Rabbit ♥ Grizzly ♥ Wolf ♥ Bonobo ♥ Leopard ♥ Fox ♥ Snow Leopard ♥ Phoenix ♥ Spanish Unicorn ♥ Possum ♥ Toucan

Here are some of my 20 Elite Pets… You too can be a magnificent beast of my Realm…

Prosthetics & Special Effects by Ana Miro 

If you would like for me to consider you as one of my Elite Pets fill out the form below…

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For anyone who missed my class, here is the handout from it…

Making a Man Your Pet.pages