me-mischI host my Sessions at Sanctuary Studios, LAX, Los Angeles. It is a discreet, comfortable, clean & private location that is well equipped with a cage, leashes, paddles, crops, and any treats we might need. I enthusiastically encourage guests to bring costumes, props or toys they want to use in Session as I’m open to doing so. 

Sessions I host range between Conventional, Subtle or Complex  and I cater to Couples of all sorts as well.

Conventional Sessions might be appropriate for a first time Visiter, and could include things like Sensory Stimulation using tools like a Pinwheel, or light to moderate Spanking, Flogging, or Caning if requested, but would be geared towards softer more playful Fetishes such as Crossdressing, Concentration Games, Tickle Torture and the like. Ice Breakers vary per case, but Sessions usually start with a massage or exercise to make things comfortable. Base Price is $200 per hour

Subtle Sessions are designed more for the Visitors who frequent my company and play along with my games. This could include playing roles in a scenario I’ve created or one we’ve established together as well as Pet Initiation Trainings and Ceremonies. This can also include Electro Eroticism, Watersports, Hot Wax, or personal Video or Photoshoot. For those who need more of a therapeutic experience, Intimacy Exercises are incorporated. Base Price is $250 per hour

Complex Sessions are for Visitors who can keep up with me when Role Playing. My Elite Pets would get Scenarios played out which were built specifically and especially for them and no other Pet. My Reward & Reprove systems are customized per Pet or Visitor. Non-Pet Humans are welcome to explore Complex Role Play as well. Complex Sessions will always begin with Character Communication or Intimacy Establishing exercises and will always close with Character Breaks and opportunity for Session Assessments & Aftercare. Base Price is $300 per hour

***Heavy, Messy, Animal Play Sessions require visitors to make a tribute to me in the form of a Cruelty Free animal component or costume. Use my Amazon List for ideas*** And for my General Wish List click here

Attitude Adjustments: $300+ per hour                                                                                           If you’ve been a jerk and you wish to be a better person, I can help you regret your mistakes and think twice, perhaps even three times before doing something unkind of a similar nature in the future. This Session type is derived from my protective temperament and my distaste for cruelty. My methods are, humbling, if you will. 

Lovers Elite is for Couples- Polyamorous & Monogamous. It’s a sexy game & system I designed to enhance and improve communication between partners without having uncomfortable conversations. Sessions begin with Establishing Boundaries and Activities are customized based on the needs of each Partner. We’ll also explore Intimacy and Communication Techniques as well as Interactive Workshops on things like How to Read Each Other’s Bodies, or Understanding Fetishes. Lovers Elite Sessions are open to Homosexual Couples, Heterosexual Couples, and Polyamorous Couples but they are not highly recommended for Buddies or Relatives. Base Price is $350 per couple & $50 per each additional partner, all per hour

Swingers Sessions are for pairs of couples only, meaning two couples who only swap one way. Again Sessions begin with Reviewing Consent, and Establishing Boundaries & Safe Words, followed by Guided Playtime incorporating some of the many Games and Role Play Scenarios I’ve conjured up. Base Price is $400

Enthusiastic Consent & Policy

Enthusiastic Consent is strictly enforced when visiting me. Visitors are not to touch  or make contact with anyone without being granted the consent to do so, enthusiastically. Persons under the age of 18 years old cannot consent to Sessions and Neither can persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you arrive intoxicated or without valid ID, I must turn you away. 

Respecting boundaries is paramount when visiting me. I do not, under any circumstances, participate in any variation of sex during Session, this includes pegging, penetration, oral, and anything ending in “job”.

I do not partake in, nor do I tolerate any illegal activity during Session. Familiarizing yourself with the local laws would ensure you the ability to act in good conduct when contacting or visiting me. Keep in mind you must be 18+ to visit me, and able to consent at the time of transaction. Please do not make me turn you away.  

I expect you to be above all, courteous & respectful followed by obedient and loyal. I express a deep respect for my Pets, Subs & Visitors, I tolerate nothing less in return.

***First time clients are required to pay a $60 deposit upon booking a session with me, no exceptions. Clients who cancel appointments less than 24 hours in advance do so at my expense, and that’s a loss I’m not willing to take for first time clients. Thank you in advance for your understanding.***

For appointments email or call Jade at 818-853-5919 Hours are Sunday — Thursday 11am to 6pm by appointment only, Last Session must begin at 5pm and Sunday appointments are reserved for regulars.